The Great Wheel


Part of The Gods of Informatics and the Great Wheel, published at Amazon…

I am sitting in a car to attend, and I am quite sure of this, one of the last Biennale for Immersive Interactive Art – “Immersivia,” as I call it. I have reached quite an age. That’s why I am quite sure this might be one of the last big art shows I will visit where I will be on focus – but luckily I am not alone. You say the bunny is steering the car?  Let me keep this question open. But what I will not keep open is that on the backseat I carry Mr. Blue, securely fastened and packed well. Even in case the car crashes Mr. Blue might be safe. He is in a RAID5 server in a frozen prim state, which means in human terms “now sleeping.” I will bring him back to life. That’s my mission: “I bring brains to the depth. Forever.” Now you know what my answer to Peter Seibt was when he asked me for my great story. I conserve lifeforms in the state they once have been so future generations can learn about the beginning of digital life. About life “in general,” it will be said in the future, but we are now in the present.

It is a great feeling that after so many years I carry the all time genius on my backseat. Not in the ways the brain of Albert Einstein was once carried along a trip Michael Paterniti did with the 84-year-old Dr. Thomas Harvey, as he was helping to deliver the brain to Einstein’s granddaughter, Evelyn, in California. Not in the ways the car driver Paterniti tells us in “Driving Mr. Albert” (2000) you say?

First I have to say I did not steal his brain as Dr. Harvey did with Einstein. Nevertheless I have to admit for a Non-Believer, for one not believing in the sacred wisdom of the frozen prim theories, it might look like I worked in quite similar ways. Albert Einstein’s brain was cut by Dr. Harvey, the pathologist in Princeton who had Einstein’s brain in the year 1955 in hand, in 170 – other sources say 240 – small cubes. Art Blue’s brain is cut in strings of bits and bytes of a length of 256. But, and now a big but: 256, is a holy number. It is 2 to the power of 8, the size of a basic sim, the simulation world of the elders. This way I will resurrect him once more for the glory of the arts. I need a virtual machine for it, but I am sure that’s cold coffee to tell you.

Oracle VM, you ask?

Correct, I see you are up to date!

Oh yes, the IMMERSIVIA which started once in Santorini 2016:

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